Enough resting, time for testing!

I did a testprotocol I’ve used since last year today. As you can see I own a Monark 828E so I do these tests at home. Pretty basic stuff, I do 4 minute ramps with 1 minute at 100W after each ramp. I start at 120W and then I increase wattage with +35W for each ramp, repeat until exhaustion. I also use a formula to estimate VO2 (l/min) for given output (W), and from that you can get a testvalue (ml/kg/min).

If I can do 1 minute at a certain ramp now, and after a few weeks of traning I’m able to complete the whole 4 minutes, or perhaps a few minutes into the next one during the next time I do the exact same test, I atleast can assume I’m making progress on that parameter.

I’m really pleased with todays results, and the best part is that my knee held up good! But I’ll play it safe a few more days and stay on the ergometer to do more intensity workouts instead of more hours on the winterbike.



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