Rapha Festive 500 – Day 5: Blow me

I felt I had good legs today, strong winds outside aswell. Beated me down from 25-23 km/h to below 10 km/h just in a few seconds at times. The goal was to ride around Runn, but I changed my mind when I realized I had forgotten to charge my headlamp, also I got a bit tempted to punish my legs on the ergometer.

And God knows I love my Monark. So, I went home instead. I’m gonna eat some dinner and then do an hour on ergometer instead. Not going to let these legs get away that easily!

Rapha Festive 500 – 2011-12-27 (Day 5)
Distance: 37,92 km
Time: 01:42:57
Avg. speed: 22.1 km/h
Elevation: 393 m

Hey ho, 193,4 km to go!
#Rapha500 #Rapha500swe



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