Rapha Festive 500 – Day 4: Day after Dagmar

There was a storm over night, I woke up a few times to the wind roaring outside and the sound of glass shattering. I understood why when I got on the bike in the morning, it was Dagmar and the destruction that came with her. (Yes, thats what they named the storm). The glass shattering was probably the recycle area that lies nearby, a few of the glass recyclebins had been ”misplaced” by the wind over night.

Had to do some offroad exploring in order to get by here and there, on some roads you could do bunnyjumps over trees on the road, Cyclinghurdles? And we only had the minor Class 1 warning, I wonder what it might had been like in the areas with Class 2 warnings. The weather today was awesome though, it felt like spring. Shifted between +9 to +5 degrees outside, pretty calm winds and sunshine.

Started with some balance technique training to Bjursås on the icy gravelroads, it was exciting at times even with fantastic spiketires.

Spot the odd one out? This is at the first little climb of the day, Dössberget. Taken on the way down I might add, you do not stop and take a photo on the way up.

I got ”cheer-honked” by Stefan Carlsson on the second little climb of the day at Baggbo, I really love the view from up there. This picture is not even close to the real deal. Met Johan Landström on the way to Sågmyra, he looked strong as usual. Third little climb of the day over to Rexbo was fine aswell. I felt okay today going up, either that or I went to slow. We’ll never know!

As I said, is it spring already? Fine by me!

Another great soloride on the 29er to the books! Also, this morning I weighed in at -0,5 kg over the holidays. I should be ashamed.

Rapha Festive 500 – 2011-12-26 (Day 4)
Distance: 117,70 km
Time: 05:09:18
Avg. speed: 22,8 km/h
Elevation: 1448 m

Hey ho, 231,32 km to go!
#Rapha500 #Rapha500swe



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