Rapha Festive 500 – Day 2: Achtung X-mas

I’m sitting here with VH1 in the background, they are dropping some pretty awesome tunes at the moment. My current obsession, Rihanna and Chase and Status among some other nice ones. But in order to get that special holiday mood, you have to have this:

Day 2 happens to be the day with a big C, early morning ride today in order to not intervene with precious familytime to much. A bit colder today aswell, shifted between -6 and -10 degrees. But, the sun made it partly pleasant and the winds shifted from hot to cold. I had that Katy Perry song in my head a few times during this ride.

Legs felt terrible, speed was a disaster, but I felt quite happy about it. I think the sunshine got to my head, D-vitamin boost!

I made it easy for me today, just rode to Sollefteå and back to Undrom on the mainroad. I figured going up and down a hill would not be the best way to farm kilometers for the festive, especially with limited time available for cycling today.

Rapha Festive 500 – 2011-12-24 (Day 2)
Distance: 60,30 km
Time: 02:27:27
Avg. speed: 24,5 km/h
Elevation: 388 m

Hey ho, 349,02 km to go!
#Rapha500 #Rapha500swe

Merry Christmas everybody!


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